Johnny's Dad Loves Me

(Today is ignore my friend/mopey roommate day. Which means I'm out to have fun and enjoy myself. I've got just the plan for how to unwind. Now that Johnny and I have talked things over a bit, I feel I should call his Dad and brighten the man's day. It brings a smirk to my face just thinking about Lucas Christian answering the phone and hearing my cheerful voice. Course watching the old bastard choke to death on his own blood would bring laughter to my lips. It really is the little things in life. I guess I can't waste the whole day on every happy thought I have though. I do have a phone call to make. I grab the phone and dial the ever so stately numbers to the cell phone located in stately state manor...or some such nonsense bored socialites call their homes. I bet he names his cars too. The phone rings and soon I hear the chipper voice of Lucas Christian. Johnny's poppa.)

Lucas: Lucas Christian Sr.

(I restrain from bursting into laughter right off. The man answers the phone with his own name. How...professional.)

Summer: Nope, guess again.

(He goes quiet for a moment. Guess he's trying to place my voice. Of course he has almost as much patience as me.)

Lucas: Who is this? How'd you get this number?

(I pause briefly just be a pain. I'm good for that. Hey, this is my good mood.)

Summer: So many questions Lucas. Which should I answer first? Though I must say I'm hurt you've already forgotten me. After all we've been through together. It's disappointing. I'm sure it's just because you're old and your memory is fading so I'll forgive you just this once.

(It takes less than a second to register who it is. His tone grows very icy. How scary. Whatever will I do?)

Lucas: Stay away from my son Summer. He has a promising future. I will not stand by and watch a tart like you ruin it for him.

(This is the most reasonable he's been. Usually he just screams at me and loses his little mind. I'm quite amused by his newest approach. Guess he assumes I have a heart or some common decency. What kinda fantasy land is he living in? I let my voice go real soft. Almost sweet.)

Summer: Now is that any way to talk to the soon to be mother of your grandson?

(I can't help myself. It's too easy. He gets extremely flustered and his voice goes almost hollow with sorrow. This is very upsetting news to the old man. I wonder if his poor heart can take it. Let's hope not.)

Lucas: Yo...You..You're...pre...pregnant?! It can't be! My poor Johnny's future. Gone.

(The torture in his voice is beautiful. Too beautiful to let continue for too long. I like to keep him guessing.)

Summer: Do you think I want to help you continue your family name? Get a grip Dad. I'm not having your son's baby. Just wanted to hear your reaction.

(He loses it. I knew he couldn't keep calm and composed. I listen to him shout curses into the background in two languages. Rather talented isn't he? When he returns to the phone I can hear the menace in his voice. Looks like he's grown a pair. Too bad he's going up against the wrong woman.)

Lucas: If I even hear of you going anywhere near Johnny I swear I'll...

(Yeah that's enough for me. I cut him off.)

Summer: Be careful what you say Lucas. I could take it the wrong way. Wouldn't want something to happen to your dear boy while he's in my company, or worse, have me end up as your daughter-in-law. Trust me, it's a scenario I've thought over well. I marry Johnny and in a sad turn of events become a widow and the sole heir to your inheritance. What a tragically sad tale. First losing my dearest husband and then the father-in-law I so cared for. Left with only his entire fortune to console my sobs of agonized sorrow.

(I laugh for affect. Truth is I could care less about money. It's just useless paper to me. I hate it, but I hate the thought of marriage more. Still how far would I go to ruin a life? Even I'm not sure of that. All I know is Johnny shouldn't have made me care. It's his fault I now torment his father. Still I'm not really wanting to hurt Johnny....well at the moment. That changes like the wind changes direction.)

Summer: Great talk Poppa. Let's do it again real soon okay? Great. Buh bye now.

(I hang up the phone before he can even reply. Time for my breakfast of vodka and cigarettes. I have a feeling this is going to be a great day.)