Tired Of Being Nice

Summer: Alright b**ch get out of my bed!

(With the being said in a loud manner I rip the covers off of Vivian and toss them aside. I can no longer tolerate her mourning the loss of her ear. I've been sleeping on my couch for more days than I care to count while she's holed up in my bedroom. She opens her eyes and looks at me with a mixture of anger and sadness. The same sadness that is doing nothing, but annoying me. At this rate I'm gonna end up smacking the expression off her face. Actually that would probably make me feel pretty good...okay and maybe a little bad, but oh well. I've never been real good at doing the right thing anyway.)

Vivian: Summer leave me alone. Just let me sleep. Christ!

(I think she's forgetting this is my damn room.)

Summer: Sleeping is all you've been doing. Now what you're going to do is choose from two options: Either you get out of bed and start functioning like something that resembles the woman I once knew...or I'm gonna kick your @ss.

(Right now I'm kinda hoping for her to pick option two. I figure I'll enjoy it and then she'll end up going with option one after. Two options for the price of one that way. She gives me a defiant look. Well I'm making some progress. See, maybe I should have been a therapist. I could write a book about my new form of therapy. I'd call it "Summer just kicked my *ss and now I'm suddenly cured". It's a catchy title.)

Summer: I'm waiting for your answer Viv.

(I'm pretty sure she realizes my complete lack of patience. It's one of those so-called virtues I don't believe in. I give her two seconds and when she starts to open her mouth I don't give her the chance to answer.)

Summer: Time's up b**ch!

(Leaping forward I punch her straight in the nose. Her eyes instantly water in reaction. Still instead of trying to do something she goes to speak. I answer whatever she is going to ask my planting my fist into her jaw. I know this is helping her. I know this is helping me. I'm a good friend. I grab her and throw her from the bed. She lands on her feet on the floor, but slams against the dresser hard. Momentum is my friend. She grabs her back in pain when she should be trying to fight or at least escape the situation. I'll help her think about her mistake. Grabbing her hair I slam her face onto the dresser. The violence continues on like this for a while. I start to lose myself in it, but somehow I eventually manage to stop. Actually she manages to do something to stop me. For the first time in the tenure of our odd friendship she punches me. It's not that it hurts. It's not that it would slow me down. It's that I can see a piece of one of my former roller derby opponents.

It's not like Vivian was always a pathetic, mopey zombie living in my room. In fact she once was a teammate to the chick who took her ear and tortured her for weeks. The same chick I cracked the skull open of. Exa Cution. Exa tortured Viv for two reasons. One being they were teammates and Vivian took my side when I was banned from the league and two as a message to me. It seems she wasn't real pleased by the fact that she had fragments of her skull sticking out of her forehead. Who would have known she'd be angry? She has a nifty metal plate in her head she can use as a weapon. Hell she didn't have a personality till I busted her up. She should be happy. Of course the personality came from her going insane from the migraines she lives with now. I still think a thank you is in order though. Finally Vivian is starting to seem like her old self...you know, other than the missing ear and all the blood coming from her nose and mouth....and the swelling, but other than that, just like new.

We leave the bedroom and she sits in the chair in the living room while I go grab a bottle of vodka. It's my drink of choice. A cigarette and a bottle of vodka is typically my breakfast of champions. Right now I think both me and Viv could use a drink. I sit on the couch and take a long swig. The lovely burning sensation in my throat lets me know I'm alive and things are gonna be good. Oh how the flavor soothes my warrior's soul. I pass her the bottle and a washcloth. She takes a swig before applying the washcloth to her bloody nose. She's a bit angry, but that's what I wanted. Mission accomplished. I knew she was one good *ss kicking away from being herself again.)

Summer: You know I had to do that.

(She snorts slightly. Probably bringing more blood forth from her nose into the washcloth.)

Vivian: It wasn't about me. You had to do that so you would feel better.

(I shrug and grab the bottle back from her.)

Summer: Well it worked. I feel a lot better.

Vivian: b**ch.

(She is all better. It's like old times again. I don't wanna go through another day where I can't be called horrible things by my only friend. If we aren't abusing each other verbally I have no comprehension of how to act. Glad I don't have to feel awkward anymore.)