(So there I was, arguing on the phone with Johnny, when I had a knock at my door. Without wasting any time I abruptly told Johnny where he could cram his little ego and hung up. It could be some idiot trying to convert me to their ridiculous religion and it would be more worth my time than listening to Johnny act like an ass just so his daddy can live through him. So I opened the door to find a woman who spends her time on the street. No I didn't think she was there to rob me. She was a messenger. A messenger from Essence. Apparently my vampyric friend had requested my presence. I'm not one who likes being summoned by people, but she and I do have business to discuss.

So now I stand in the chamber staring at the strange beauty of my new pal. Yes I can admit when a chick is attractive. Doesn't mean I want her. No what I want is what she has. What she is. I feel the power that radiates from her. I have no illusions about what she is. I want it for myself. Hopefully when we cross that bridge I won't be hearing some sob story, like in the movies, about how it's a horrible curse blah blah blah. I know what a curse is. It's waking up everyday wondering what the hell you are doing in this time. It's realizing you wish you were still in a past life that you can barely remember. A time when warriors covered the globe and battled for conquest. A time when being a warrior was the only respectable occupation and material objects meant nothing. God I hate this day and age. I look at her face. I know what's on her mind.)

Summer: So you had a minion fetch me to discuss your oh so sinister plan? How cute Essence.

(She shrugs with an odd smile. It doesn't surprise me at all.)

Essence: And here you are.

(I nod. Wow, what a fun game. It's where we both just point out the obvious for awhile. Don't we just rock..or something?)

Summer: That I am. So...Nightshade, Blonde Ambition...anyone else major on our list.

Essence: Let's just start with them for now shall we?

Summer: Fine.

(Does this mean I don't get along with the woman? No, far from it. This is just generally how I seem to function with people. Hell I function better in my contact with her than most people. If Johnny and I got along this well I'd have to kill him. We lay out our short-term and long-term goals while I smoke and drink heavily. Now let's just see how well they work out.)