Source of Sickness

What is it in our culture that breeds the psychopathic mind? Many scientisits, of varying fields, have delved into study after study to try and find the answer to this very question. Every angle, every possibility, has been thoroughly poured over by the scientific community only to come up with no definitive answer. As with so many studies we've decided to examine another subject to try and decipher the truth in the madness. Her name, Summer Ashton. Designation? Drunken, violent, sociopath. Desires violence to experience a high. Much like a drug. Drinks to cope with the times she doesn't get the fix brought on by physical exertion. Specifically acts of wanton of violence. Lacks the conscience to feel remorse. Unable to relate to the rest of humanity. What caused her to suffer from this set of mental conditions? How can they be cured?

Summer: There's nothing to cure. I'm fine. You're the one who's f**ked. I'm one of the only people on the planet who knows their purpose. I know what I was designed for.

Is it environmental factors the create the psychopath? Specifically, is it their upbringing? Is there a direct connection to how they were raised and what they grew up to be?

Summer: I was raised in the supposedly perfect home. My parents were educated and made a decent living. They spent alot of time with us. They were so caring and loving. Loved us, and each other...and it sickened me. They doted on us. Hell, they even had family night. How pathetic. I'd like to stab them with their white picket fence. They didn't understand me. They couldn't comprehend the fact I wanted nothing to do with their disgusting love. They thought they could solve all my problems with hugs and long talks. How Donna Reed of them. Growing up I couldn't wait to get out. It was pure torture living with those people. They'd better hope they never see me again.

What about social factors? Does interaction with society mold normal children into sociopaths? Is the playground the breeding area for mental illness?

Summer: I spent my youth trying to be alone. The other kids learned quickly to let me have my space. They knew I was different. They knew the consequences of bothering me. The minimum wage counselors of the school were another story. They always wanted to talk. They'd drag me into their office to discuss my feelings. I could smell the failure on them. There's not much more worthless on this planet than a school counselor. Every session went with them asking me how I was doing. How I was feeling. Then I'd tell them fine. They'd decide not to believe me and would pester me more. The cycle of retardation finally ended when I was 13. I took some compromising photos of the latest counselor. He was very angry, but knew I wasn't lying when I said I'd make sure everyone in the school and the city would see them if I didn't get my way. He got the photos and the negatives. I got all the crap removed from my permanent record. No more questions about how I was feeling.

If it's not environmental or social that leaves very little to conclude. The only other option scientisits have come up with is that it's genetic. Some people are born pre-disposed towards sociopathic tendancies. Is there some secret within the genetic code that can be found and altered to stop this illness from being instilled into newborn babies?

Summer: I knew I was meant for something greater in this world. Even as a child I easily understood I was different. Still, the years were long before my purpose was revealed to me in that one exquisite moment of bloodshed. I was born for battle. Creation brings destruction. Destruction brings creation. I was born, therefore I must destroy.

Or is it a combination of all of the factors mentioned? The world may never know.

Summer: Who cares?