What's The Matter Kristin?

Vivian: She...she mentioned my ear again on tv.

(I look over at my friend and see her rocking back and forth. Her hands cupped at the sides of her head. A tear running down her cheek from her right eye. She'd been making so much progress at coping with the loss of her ear. For the past year it was rarely ever brought up. She was starting to seem more like her old self. I'm not really sure how to react. Normally in a situation like this other people would put their arm around the upset person or something. I could emulate the emotional and mechanical aspects of that, but it'd make me way too uncomfortable. I can pretend to be like other people and feel this and that, but I really don't understand it. So I leave her to herself. Instead I just answer her. The hollowness in my voice echoing in my head.)

Summer: I know.

(All that progress Vivian had made is being ripped away from her right in front of me. This is Kristin Kross' fault. To Vivian it's probably like she's going through the loss of her ear all over again. Here I stand unable to express emotions I'm not capable of. The only one I can truly feel is anger. I'll let it simmer inside me. I'll let it gain strength. Push me. Guide me. Drive me. Till I can let it boil over and consume me. Then when I have Kross in front of me I'll release it all at once. Enjoy the sensation of my vision blurring. Turning red. Bask in the beauty of being unable to discriminate between any targets when the faces disappear into the red haze. I find my insides hungering for it even now. To lose oneself to the bloodlust is the closest thing to a religious experience I'll ever have. I can't wait to share that with Kristin.)

Summer: Do you see what you've done Kristin? Do you?! Look at her! This is your doing. You thought it so amusing to meddle in my personal life and bring more pain upon my friend. I had to punish you. You can stop speculating. I did leave that note and pill bottle. You needed to learn. How do you like it when someone messes with your personal life? You brought that on yourself. Did you cry little b*tch? Did your heart wrench inside you? Did you feel sick to your stomach?

(My eyes roll into the back of my head for a moment as I feel a wave of darkness surge through my body. How exquisite. I regain my senses quickly, but it brings euphoria with it. A smile forms on my face. My insides want to spill forth with laughter. I manage to keep it within me, but not enough to keep my body from shaking joyously from it.)

Summer: Kristin I'm so far from done with you. This is only the beginning. Exa Cution physically took Vivian's ear. When she resurfaces, and faces me, she'll be leaving the confrontation in a bag. You, well you've now taken Vivian's ear spiritually. You've taken her dignity. I'm going to take everything you have. Look around you. Look at all the things in your life that make you happy. You're going to find them very short lived. Say goodbye to them. I'm never going to stop taking from you. I'll never get my fill. As long as you still breathe I'll be nearby. Ready to take more from you. You will bleed for me Kristin. It still won't be enough.

(I can no longer contain the sick laughter within. It bubbles up through my chest, and throat, and spills forth from my mouth in waves. I manage to form words through it.)

Summer: Get ready Kristin. I'm coming for you...