Dark Horizon

(If Vivian hadn't dragged me in front of the tv in the locker room I wouldn't feel like I had lost five minutes of my life that I'll never get back. I have Ricky and his materialistic, mindless slave, Kristin to thank for stealing minutes off my time on the planet because they thought they'd had their first clever idea ever. Thanks kids. Unfortunately they were wrong. Was that supposed to upset me or something? Sure I could retaliate pointlessly with my own little parody of them, but I don't think I could fit a stick that far up my *ss. Besides, at this moment in time I have something a bit more important on my mind. The creature standing in front of me in my dimly lit, living room resembles a woman, but I don't know what the hell she really is. I'm not sure I want to know. Her black, futuristic looking, outfit appears as if it's made of vinyl and firmly clings to the contours of her physical specimen like body. I know it must not restrict any of her movement though. She's not the type to be caged, not even by clothing. A black cloak covers her outfit, but is open at the front. The hood to the cloak hangs back. Brown hair flows freely down her back while her pale face points my direction. The left side of her face has stitches painted on it as if her face was put back together on the fly. Even so I can see the series of scars that lay beneath them. Black paint is around her eyes. It only serves to accentuate the feature of hers that bothers me the most. Her eyes are like burning, dark blue orbs of hatred. As if they bore inside me looking to rip me apart from the inside. I can't stand them. Something so alien, so monstrous about them. Just looking at them and the violent intent within them both sickens me and excites the darkest parts of me within.

Her name is Eclipse. She used to be a wrestler, like her father, if you call rolling around in broken glass, razorwire, and explosives while trying to injure your opponent for life wrestling. I guess I would call that wrestling, but I hate the word "wrestling" anyway. I just crave violence for the high. This thing standing in front of me though, it's like a religion. Like a physical need. From what I've seen she's a murderous timebomb who needs violence just to keep her bloodthirsty urges in check. This lunatic came by it honestly. She's the daughter of two psychopathic monsters. One a man who is a former inmate at a facility for the criminally insane who grows stronger from pain and rage. He might as well be a cult leader since he takes on apprentices and teaches them his twisted philosophies. He takes the deranged and creates them in his own nightmarish image before unleashing them into a defenseless world. The other, a woman who is a professional assassin and breeds hate within herself as if she has a patent on it. Darkstar and Andrea Raven are pretty much the couple from hell. Bad enough they exist, but to breed and create whatever it is Eclipse is, well that's just cruel. After meeting her I hope I never encounter the creatures she spawned from. Her crazed eyes glare into mine as she speaks in a hollow sounding tone that practically drips with venom. The malevolent energy of her insanity pressing against me.)

Eclipse: I hear you still search for her.

(No pleasantries. No shock there. She doesn't exactly believe in wasting time with niceties. "Her". I know exactly who she means...Exa Cution. The person on this planet I most want dead at my hands. The one who took Viv's ear because she was mad I broke her face. It was my search for her that led me to be stuck meeting Eclipse. In some ways I can relate to her. When I first met her I thought we had a lot in common. Turns out liking a fight has different meanings for different people. We don't even speak the same language. Why would she come all the way out here over my search for Exa? How did she even know where I live? My curiousity is driving me nuts. I gotta know what's going on.)

Summer: I'll never stop. What do you want?

(A smile forms at the corner of her lips but is gone almost before it can register in my head. I do my best to restrain the shudder running up my back.)

Eclipse: It's not what I want little Summer Ashton. It's what you want. She's re-entered the country. Last I heard she was in your hometown of Bakersfield. She's not there anymore though.

(What does she mean? She better not have killed her! Exa is mine! She has her own reasons for wanting to do so, but would she come by just to rub it in my face? To cause me pain? I'm not sure. My fists clench. Her wild eyes instantly seem to sharpen at my small sign of an aggressive stance. Still, she remains motionless otherwise. I don't want to fight her, but if she killed Exa I won't be able to restrain myself. I can't keep the anger out of my voice.)

Summer: What did you do?!

(An emotionless, empty laugh escapes her lips. It's an assault on my senses.)

Eclipse: Nothing. I'm not after her. I want her little friend.

(Vanessa Valentine. The chick who has been using Exa to do her dirty deeds. The two of them had captured an assassin friend of Eclipse's named Ruen, and were torturing her for some unknown reason before Eclipse managed to save her. She never got a piece of Vanessa. Guess she hasn't given up on her search either. I tried to forget those couple months and just focus on Exa. Getting caught up in all this crap just complicates things.)

Summer: So why tell me all this? I don't think you have a heart for it to be out of the goodness of.

(She steps forward till she is within mere inches of my face. I manage to fight off my fight or flight instincts and remain mostly still. Damn. I can tell she's already felt my fear. Probably feeding on it right now. Damn freak.)

Eclipse: Either Exa will come for you again or you for her. When this happens make sure you find out where Vanessa is hiding before you kill her. Don't forget Summer. I would hate to have to turn my anger towards you.

(Without giving me a second to retort, she is out of my face and at the front door with it hanging out. Creepy b**ch. She calls out without looking back as she exits.)

Eclipse: I'll be watching you...

(Comforting thought for me. I definitely need a drink.)