Exa Cution Song: Obsession

*To avoid confusion I'm posting this message in here. This RP is not from Summer's perspective, but instead is from the perspective of Exa Cution.*

(I've been in this room for a month straight now. The lights are dim, but not to make myself feel like some creature of the night. It's Summer's fault they're that way. Sure, she's never even seen this room, but that doesn't stop it from being her fault. Her fracturing my skull into bone shards caused the doctors to have to replace my forehead with a thick ass, metal plate. I was left with the unfortunate side effect of migraines. No, not just headaches. Not even normal migraines. Mine don't just cause me pain and nausea. They fuck with my head. If I don't get pills into my system right when they hit I could end up completely falling apart....or tearing myself apart.

You did this to me Holly Caust...Oh that's right, you've felt the need to go back to being Summer Ashton. Your hair went from red to blonde, to red again. Oh how you keep re-inventing yourself ever so cleverly. Maybe you just haven't figured out who you are. Maybe you were just hiding from me. I doubt that part though. You don't have the intelligence to know when you should hide. You're just a brute. A savage. You need to be culled from the herd.

I haven't forgotten our most recent encounter. You added extra scars to my face with that damn crowbar. You also broke my hand in several places. You even managed to take me down somehow....yet you left me alive...idiot. I will never stop coming for you. Hell, I can't stop thinking about you. The vengeance that fills my being is all I have left. That makes you my sole focus in life. I've often thought about what life will be like after I kill you. I got a glimpse of the emptiness it entailed and decided it was best to focus on the now. I'll burn that bridge when I come to it.

I bet you're probably hanging out with your little, one eared friend. I wish I could have seen your face when you opened the box containing Vivian's bloody ear. I bet it was a beautiful sight. Of coursed you missed how beautiful it was when I cut the damn thing off. Vivian's tears and screams were some of the sweetest things I've ever experienced. In fact, most things in life have seemed gray in comparison.

I'm still not finished with Miss Vivian Tate either. She was my teammate and did she try to help me when Summer hospitalized me? No. Not only did she stand by and watch her friend do what she did, she backed her up in front of the board and in court. If she thinks losing her ear and being tortured for a couple of weeks makes us even, she's going to find herself sorely mistaken. I'll decide when we're even.

I must not get too sidetracked though. Summer is my main focus. I can't make the mistake of going after Vivian first like last time. That just led to my pain and defeat. Once I destroy Summer I can kill Vivian anytime I please. I haven't decided how much longer I'll be down in this dimly lit room. For now I'll just keep tracking Summer and making my plans. Sometime soon though, I'll be ready....and when I am....I'll take lives to replace the one I had stolen from me...)

Exa Cution: There is no escape from me. No escape.

(It's all I think about. How can I think about anything else? Tell me that. It would be impossible. I sit here in a broken chair at a table full of pictures. Pictures of Summer. Pictures of Vivian. Pictures of who I once was. No pictures of what I've become. Looking at the pictures of the woman I once was fills me with bitterness. Anger instantly fills me. I slam my fist on the table sending several pictures flying off the table. I end up shouting outloud to myself as if shouting at another person. I have such a hard time finding the line anymore.)

Exa Cution: I was a good person! I was an athlete...I had my whole life in front of me! You stole my life you fucking bitch!

(I can't control myself. I bolt up to my feet and flip the table. Photos scatter everywhere. With nothing else in the room to break I just start punching the wall. It barely registers in my mind that I'm in a concrete basement. My hands go numb, except for the knuckles. For some reason they burn. I lose track of time. The world spins and contorts till I don't recognize it anymore. I snap back to reality hard and find myself on my knees. Blood stains cover my legs, the floor, and the wall. I look down at my hands. They're covered in dry blood. Torn up skin barely stretches over my knuckles now. My hands throb. How long was I lost in whatever it is I lose myself to?

I slowly stand up. For some reason I'm exhausted. For the first time in I don't know how long I almost forget Summer exists. It doesn't last. My eyes come across a picture of her. I feel the anger well up inside once more. My hatred burns the inside of my stomach. It's as if my bitterness eats away at the lining. I want to puke. It's now I realize that my stomach isn't the major problem as I drop to the floor in agony. No I want to puke because a migraine has suddenly come on. The immense pressure on my head makes it feel like it might implode. My vision blurs. My eyes stream with water. My lips quiver. I feel like my eyes might pop right out of my head.

I cry out in an agonized scream. My hands thrust about my pockets. I have to have my pills. Where are they?! I panic. If I don't get those soon I won't be able to make it. I thank the god I hate when my right hand finds my pill bottle. My left hand clutches at my own hair. I scream as it pulls a clump out. Blood runs down the back of my head from the now hairless spot. I spill open the bottle of pills and grab a few up from the dirty floor. I pop them in my mouth and chew them as fast as possible. The pills crumble into a bitter powder. They aren't designed to be chewed, but right now it's the only way I could swallow them. I manage to get them down as my left hand tugs at another handful of hair.

Then suddenly everything stops. The pain and pressure recede. My hand lets go of my hair. My breathing begins to finally slow. I wipe at my tear soaked face in exhaustion. I can't keep going on like this. I just can't. It's killing me. Summer did destroy my life when she attacked me, but in all reality she's killing me slowly with these migraines. I don't want to be alive anymore. I'm ready to go meet the God that fucking hates me. I'm ready for it all to end, but I refuse to go alone. I'm not leaving this planet without Summer. She's going to hell with me.)